2023 edition

In 2023, the 9th edition of Youth at the Top took place. 27 protected areas organized a total of 28 local events across 8 countries of the Alps and Carpathians. More than 450 young participants spent time together in the mountains, experienced nature and learnt about the common theme "Forest - the Almighty". 

A special event was the video contest which was carried out after the events. See the winning videos here.


Project Values


    • Across borders

      An international event concerning the Alps as a whole

    • Symbolic

      Youth at the Top mobilises groups of young people on a single date to (re)discover nature through an overnight stay in the mountains, creating solidarity throughout the Alps and Carpathians

    • Celebration

      Offering a festive occasion based on the joy of being in the mountains, the pleasure of discovering nature and showing respect for the land

    • Together

      Preparing an outing in the mountains together, linked to a summit, a mountain meadow, an historic site, a shelter, a refuge, a pastoral hut, a bivouac…

    • Mountain

      Rediscovering a bond with mountains through observation, play, encounter, imagination, dreams, and self-expression

    • Experience

      Going off in search of adventure, taking time to live and discover the mountains, relishing the little paths and the wide-open landscapes, the sky and the stars...

    • Sharing

      Living as a group in the mountains and making new friends

    • Citizenship

      Taking part in a solidarity action with mountain professionals: shepherds, refuge keepers, mountain leaders and educators…

    • Inter-cultural

      Sharing thoughts with other mountain generations and other young people from the Alps, an experience that transcends borders and linguistic barriers 

    • Self-expression

      Creating small works of art and other forms of self-expression by photo documentaries or videos . Using the images and art as the universal language of the Alps.

    • Night

      For an authentic overnight experience in the mountains and creating beautiful personal memories.