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Summary: Youth at the Top 2022 and Photo Contest

In 2022, young people and organizers were eager to finally get together after two tough years of Covid19, which demonstrated the high number of registrations.
This 8th edition marked the return to a unique date. With a few exceptions, the various local events were held on 12 July 2022, thus renewing the tradition of an initiative carried out on a common date, and thus marking the strong link between the different countries of the Alps and the Carpathians.

In the end, 30 protected areas organized a total of 32 local events across 8 countries of the Alps and Carpathians. A surprise was the high number of participants from the Carpathian parks. While they were poorly represented in the early years, this year they represented almost 30%.

To facilitate this 8th edition, the organizers were invited to organize various educational activities on the theme «Water in all its forms». The objective of this topic is on the one hand the transmission of knowledge about water as a natural element in the various states: solid, liquid and gaseous. On the other hand, attention must be drawn to water as an increasingly precious and rare commodity in times of climate change.

At the end of the events, a photo contest was held to encourage parks to take many photos. Click here for further information about the Photo Contest.


Photo © Frank Miramand Nature Reserve Sixt-Passy

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